We are Tom Driessen and Maarten Smid, and we are the founders of Moonlanders. Together with our team of consultants we are ready for take-off. Together we go to the cloud and beyond.

Moonlanders represent achieving goals with the right mindset, knowledge, and lots of courage. We help our clients delivering IT projects that may seems like a challenge at first. We bring our IT knowledge and communication skills to keep projects on track and complete missions successfully. Due to our extensive knowledge of traditional and cloud infrastructures we realize the digital foundation that help our clients achieve their business goals.

In 1969 the first landing on the moon was completed. A mission with risks and challenges never experienced before. This enormous challenge seemed impossible by many but due to great team work, vision and courage its success became a historical moment. We would like to hear your challenge, so we bring the Moonlander mentality to your organisation in 2023 and get that mission completed!

Core Values:

  • Reliable: Consistently reliable in keeping appointments and treating confidential information with respect.

  • Results-driven: (partially) improving the customer environment through technical implementations or consulting work. Focus on the mission.

  • Socially aware: Moonlanders take care to maintain lasting relationships and the company supports the Moonlanders employee living environment by making an annual donation to the food bank in his/her hometown.

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